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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Interesting Village House Specimens

It's been a while since I "strolled" around our village house...the past home of my plants(majority of them). We have two ponds located just in front of the main door entrance and the mini pond on the right side of the house. I bought some Water Hyacinth two months ago and placed it on top of my brothers biological water filter. It bloomed today with very interesting lavender flowers which has yellow markings on the top petal of each flower.

the Water Hyacinth

a close-up view of the Water hyacinth

a better view of the stamen, pistil and the yellow marking!

Together with the Water Hyacinth, another water plant is in constant bloom during the rainy season in our area. This NOID plant has round leaves much like that of a nasturtium. It has creeping behavior thus hangs off the sides of the filter pot. The flower are very tiny and yellow in color. The plant has several flowers in one inflorescence. I would appreciate it if someone could identify this water plant. Thanks!

The NOID water plant.

A close-up view of the tiny yellow flowers.

Aside from the water plants, I was able to take a picture of a mini rose, or a petite-mini rose. This rose has single layered flowers and are bright red in color. I don't often see this kind of roses in trade...that is why I was so surprise to see the flowers since I bought it without blooms. I also took a shot of our Adenium plant. It has beautiful flowers and haven't stopped flowering since summer. Our Adeniums almost always shed their leaves and are left with only a couple of leaves in each stem. This is normal, so I don't worry about it.

The petite-mini Rose

The Adenium or Desert Rose

The next photo is my pilot entry to Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday!This is the Water Hyacinth photo above applied with KK's "The Ladder" texture.

Using textures is quite interesting...it is a surprise to see the effect of the texture on the selected pictures! I'll try to make some more textured photos in the future!

Until then...ha
ppy gardening!



Excited to join Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesdays, Kingdom failed to notice that the theme for this Tuesday is RED! hahaha! So here's my valid entry for KK's Texture Tuesdays.


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Solitude Rising said...

Good to see that your plants are so alive are in bloom.

Water Hyacinths have been getting bad publicity lately due to the clogged waterways but they are just indicators that our rivers are so polluted. Good thing you highlighted the beauty of this plant.

Kathleen said...

The texture really brings out the gorgeous blue centers on the petals. Really lovely work!

Kim, USA said...

These flowers are gorgeous!

A Rose

Ida said...

How pretty. I've never seen this flower and love how the petals look a bit like a peacocks feather.

Kala said...

Gorgeous details of the water hyacinth petals.

Happy MM

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Beautiful flowers.

Regards and best wishes

Pat said...

You are so lucky to have features in your yard! Your "red" photos are nice. I especially like the water hyacinth you textured using "The Ladder"!

hannah said...

Never even heard of a water hyacinth. Let alone a biological filter :-)
Looks like a beautiful plant.

Kingdom said...

Hi Solitude! Yes, Water Hyacinths cause clogging problems that lead to flooding in the metros! I think that if these plants' beauty will be hyped and is given more exposure...then it will increase the demand for them in trade thus will hopefully...decrease their population in rivers and city waterways! haha!

Kingdom said...

Thanks Katheen! The texture was really great! I will try to use it on some other photos I have. :) Thanks for dropping by too.

Kingdom said...

Hi Kim! Thanks! :)

Kingdom said...

Hi Ida! they do look like peacock feathers! I hope you'll find some in your area because the flowers are really beautiful! :)

Kingdom said...

Thanks Kala! :)

Kingdom said...

Hi Tatjana! Thanks for dropping by! They are pretty indeed! :)

Kingdom said...

Hi Pat! Thanks! the first entry was wrong...haha!...Good thing I was able to read Kim's blog or I wouldn't have submitted the "red" one. :D

Kingdom said...

Hi Hannah! Water hyacinth blooms are really beautiful! The biological filter was a project of my brother to lessen water changes in our pond and it really keeps the water from getting algal blooms! I'll try to blog about it next time. :) Thanks for dropping by!

ANGEL said...

your NOID plant is gotu kola..very invasive!

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