"Nice memories have their own scent. Whenever you are veiled in its scent...your heart can always return to that unforgettable past...together with your own scenery that will never fade away." - Kyoichi Kanzaki

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pwede Both?

Nakakatawa at nakakatuwa ang ginawa ng National Press Club ukol sa "mural" na kanilang inpinagawa sa isang grupo ng mga artists. Sa bisperas ng kanilang paglalahad sa sinabing mural, ipinabago nila ang mga nakaguhit dito. Kung tama ang pagkakaalala ko sa balita, binago nila ang sandatang hawak ni Bonifacio, ang mukha ni Ginang Burgos ay binago at napag-isipan pang alisin ang mukha ni Ninoy Aquino sa nasabing mural.

Kawalan ng respeto sa mga artists ang ginawa ng NPC dahil iyon ang buhay ng mga artists, ang kanilang mga kuro-kuro at paraan ng pagpapahiwatig ng isang kamalayan sa mga tao. Kung susundin natin ang yapak ng NPC, dapat na rin nating suotan ng shorts ang Oblation icon sa UP Diliman. Dapat na rin sigurong baguhin ang iba pang likha ng mga artists tulad ng Spolarium ni Luna. Maliban sa respeto sa mga artists, kahiya-hiya din ang ginawang pag-censor ng NPC sa sarili nilang mural na kung tutuusin ay ginawa upang maipahiwatig ang kahalagahan ng malayang pagpapahayag na kanilang ipinaglalaban.

Hindi kaya inabutan din ang mga namamahala ng NPC ng tig-500,000 pesos mula sa Malacanang? 'di kaya'y sadyang kawalang-muwang lamang? o baka naman pwedeng both?

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


My brother just received a cake from his patient today. He is a medical doctor in the most jam-packed hospital in the Philippines-the Philippine General Hospital. I wonder what the flavor is? I have just eaten a slice and it looks, feels and tastes great! But what inspires me most is that even if my brother doesn't receive any fees from most of his patients, he still gives his best in doing his job. Lately, I just realized that a doctor doesn't just cure or maintain medications for their patients but they give these patients hope and encouragement. My brother values life, its in his genes and hopefully in the genes of every Filipino doctor. He strives to relieve his patients from their illnesses effectively, and most importantly, in the most cost-efficient way. Patients in the public hospital doesn't pay fees but they must still pay for their medications and admittance fees. My brother sees to it that he does his best and maintains the least cost for his patients. I'm a big fan of his, but I fail to mimic his nobleness. Business is business, I guess. It's not the first time that my brother brought home a cake. Sometimes, his patients that came from the provinces would give him organic fruits-from bananas to pomelos to lanzones. It seems that I get all my vitamins from them. :D What matters most I think is the emotional connections of my brother and his patients. When we met his patients, their smiles seem to show that it's not the cure, but the concern and the help that my brother gives them that they value most.

Paracetamol-3 pesos

Cough Syrup-75 pesos,

Cake Slice that I just ate - PRICELESS. :D

Friday, November 2, 2007

Travelers Guide

Still searching the web for some travel statistics and related articles, another interesting website gave this equally amazing slides. It is a guide for tour guides! Filipino tour guides to be specific. It gives an overview of the cultures that tour guides must consider while..uhhmm..guiding their tourists in the Philippines. Take note of the Chinese slides, it says that Chinese travelers are usually attended by local chinese associations...what an outstanding observation! And read Hong Kong travelers profile carefully...it says, they are meticulous when it comes to using coconut oil in dishes! And I wish our British friends won't take the "odd" slides seriously. Definitely one great set of slides for tour guides. I wonder if other countries have the same traveler profiling for their tour guides? I hope they do. It promotes world peace. :D

Petition for Her Evilness

Please don't forget to seriously sign up here!

Don't forget to read it first before signing the petition, you might be standing for the other side and be surprised for what you have done. :D

"Board" Exam...the last "Trump"

I was just browsing through government websites for my paper in the graduate studies when I chanced upon this article in The National Statistical Coordination Board website. The author is quite witty for a government employee and creative for a statistician. And surprisingly, the article was written within a government agency and within the current toe-licking administration. Just a question though...why did the stats say that the top fields for boys is engineering and for girls is business...but what I see is more and more...and more nursing students? Maybe it's the question asked on the respondents could have only been what they PREFERRED,which is definitely not the same as what they WILL TAKE in college. :D And take note, boys are better than girls in passing board exams. :D The sad part is, that the figures for board exam passers decreased significantly and specially, as stressed by the author, that of the Teaching profession. :( But nevertheless, I give Dr. Romulo Virola a toast for a very interesting article.
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