Saturday, April 7, 2012


Hello everyone! I was off for nearly six months! And within those months, a lot of things in and garden out. haha! Right in the middle of the Christmas Season, our store opened a new department, selling curtains, pillows, furnitures and some home improvement goods. I was the one in-charge of the said department, thus the lack of time to update this blog. But the pivoting moment happened just a month ago when my family decided to let me bring back my plants from the "secret garden" at the back of our retail our residential home! Oh Yeah! However, due to space constraints...I had to limit my plants to Begonias, Roses, Hibiscuses, Orchids and some plants that are quite rare in our place. All the rest were given away to my suki (repeat buyers and/or "sellers")....and to a friend. Initially...I intended to place my Begonias right inside my room....but even if the light is bright, the plants still needed some heat from the sun and good air circulation. So I managed to set-up my plants in the Mini-pond area of our residential house. Here are some photos of my "re-established" garden.....the Homecoming Garden.

This is the best angle to take a picture of the garden at the mini-pond area. I felt very nostalgic while enjoying the company of my plants this morning.

This is a corner area where most of my mini and floribunda roses are gathered. I think they love the area since some of them already started blooming a couple of days before.

This corner on the other hand, is where all my Hibiscus plants are. They also love the place since they are continuously blooming since the week I transferred them here.

This is the first set of my Begonia collection...the other set is on the other side of which I was not able to take a picture of.

A NoID bulb forcing out a flower bud...I do hope it's a great one! :D

An after stress Begonia sporting a new leaf that's about to be in full "bloom".

The senior member Begonia...I believe this one got most of its genes from Begonia Coralina.

A false Eranthemum or Pseudoeranthemum.....not sure of its species name.

A mini Rose just bloomed a while ago.

Traders call this pink angel!!! I think it's because the flower and leaves closely resemble that of the White angel's...however, it is purple in reality.

I don't know the name of this plant. It's one of my NoID plants in the garden. It has very nice flowers that resemble that of Ixora plants and has a very great foliage too! please help me identify this plant. Thanks!

A relatively new member...this White Hibiscus is very serene to look at. It has white petals with yellow edges that is very attractive.

This Hibiscus has Light Orange petals with dark orange blemishes making it look like an "airbrushed" flower.

The Junior member pagoda Hibiscus.

My Senior member Red Hibiscus is very alive and still "kicking"!!! It's flowers are very bright Red in color and the blooms are relatively larger than the rest of the gang.

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Happy Easter and a Happy Gardening too!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Repose and the Trees

This is my first time to join Word for Wednesday at Donna's Garden Walk Garden Talk!
I hope I'm doing it right. :)

These are also my entries for Tina's Wordless Wednesday and Wordless Wednesday.

(my favorite......some of my friends "reposing" after a long walk!)

Thanks Tina and Donna for these blog events!

This is my entry for Ana's Earth Wonders: Trees.

Thanks Ana for this weekly event!

The Earth is really wonderful! Happy Wordless Wednesday!


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! least here in our city! hehe. I'll be busy in our store selling Christmas lights...haha! I won't be able to update this blog
as often like I did before.
Thanks for visiting this blog!

An advance Happy Holidays to everyone! :)


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Interesting Village House Specimens

It's been a while since I "strolled" around our village house...the past home of my plants(majority of them). We have two ponds located just in front of the main door entrance and the mini pond on the right side of the house. I bought some Water Hyacinth two months ago and placed it on top of my brothers biological water filter. It bloomed today with very interesting lavender flowers which has yellow markings on the top petal of each flower.

the Water Hyacinth

a close-up view of the Water hyacinth

a better view of the stamen, pistil and the yellow marking!

Together with the Water Hyacinth, another water plant is in constant bloom during the rainy season in our area. This NOID plant has round leaves much like that of a nasturtium. It has creeping behavior thus hangs off the sides of the filter pot. The flower are very tiny and yellow in color. The plant has several flowers in one inflorescence. I would appreciate it if someone could identify this water plant. Thanks!

The NOID water plant.

A close-up view of the tiny yellow flowers.

Aside from the water plants, I was able to take a picture of a mini rose, or a petite-mini rose. This rose has single layered flowers and are bright red in color. I don't often see this kind of roses in trade...that is why I was so surprise to see the flowers since I bought it without blooms. I also took a shot of our Adenium plant. It has beautiful flowers and haven't stopped flowering since summer. Our Adeniums almost always shed their leaves and are left with only a couple of leaves in each stem. This is normal, so I don't worry about it.

The petite-mini Rose

The Adenium or Desert Rose

The next photo is my pilot entry to Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday!This is the Water Hyacinth photo above applied with KK's "The Ladder" texture.

Using textures is quite is a surprise to see the effect of the texture on the selected pictures! I'll try to make some more textured photos in the future!

Until then...ha
ppy gardening!



Excited to join Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesdays, Kingdom failed to notice that the theme for this Tuesday is RED! hahaha! So here's my valid entry for KK's Texture Tuesdays.


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