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Friday, September 16, 2011

New Kingdom's Garden

My friends and family members know that caring for plants is one of the things that would very well describe me. It has always been a challenge for me to buy plants from the local nurseries and try my best to survive them, and hopefully make them bloom again in the future. However, most of the time, my plants die after a week or months if they're lucky enough. The longest living plant that I was able to care for WAS a cactus. I got it from our province and brought it to Manila; took care of it while dealing with the intricacies of college life and until the time when I had to return and help in the family business. The cactus lived around eleven years! I regretted the fact that I brought it home to our province last year; around May this year, the rains sadly ended its life. Last year, I had the chance to experience a whole new world of gardening. My mother was able to bargain from my father, a space at the side of our house where a fountain and mini pond is located. I bought a lot of initial plants from our local traders...Medenilla, Powder Puffs(Calliandra), Orchids, Don Manuel, Hydrangea and Gerberas.

The Mini pond Area

Kingdom, not satisfied with the meager garden space, decided to expand its territory and thus developed the small area adjacent to the mini pond area. This move sparked my brother's rage where he being the architect of the house, should be the one in-charge of our garden.

The Adjacent Walkway of the Mini pond Area

My brother always complained to my parents on how I "trespassed" on his garden, on the supposed Victorian concept of our house. Therefore, with my unceasing plea for the lives of my plants, my very loving mother bargained, again, from my father regarding my plants. So it was decided that I could have the space at the back of our store...and this space, is actually our old garden! Since before the construction of our house in the village, we lived behind our store, our rooms and dining table is just a few steps from our establishments backdoor. July 2011...the end of my old place, and the start of a new one! I quickly went to traders all over our area and got some nice stone blocks they call pan de unan...and some terracotta pedestals...it is not a good combination, but I was on a tight budget! haha! Bought sacks of soil and ipa and some more pots for the transport of my plants from the Victorian house to the old storage space.

You may find below photos of my new garden area with a "Before & After" effect! Don't forget to hover the mouse pointer and wait for the second photo to materialize.

This is the view from the entrance overseeing platforms infront and at the left.

This is a better view of the left platform and the shaded area corner at the back.

A view of the shaded area corner, receiving area and the place where I do experiments.

** Don't forget to hover the mouse over the photos and wait for the 2nd photo to be shown. **

From the entrance of the garden(which is actually the backdoor of our store), I had my Bromeliads and Hydrangaes on the right side since it is a shady area with bright light exposure.

Bromeliads & Hydrangeas by the entrance

Above these plants, I placed chicken wire fence with which I hanged some of my orchid species and Asplenium specimens. On the pedestals, or raised platforms, my Roses enjoyed a good feed of bright light and shade in the afternoon. Below them are my Rain Lilies and Daisy plants. Just this afternoon, I was able to add a walking path made of bricks in the said area, you may not see it in my uploaded photos. You may find larger varieties of Roses at the back of the front platform. I call this area my Rose Corner...it is where I place my....uhhmmm..Roses. hehe!

Rose Corner with new unpotted roses!

On the left platforms are my Senior Member Hibiscus, Thunbergia, a Begonia, some other Hibiscus and my Don Manuel. A Welcome plant or Zamia can be found below the Thunbegia. At the back of this platform, you will find my shaded garden corner. That is where my Begonia collections are located. Some begonias are hanged while some are placed on the three-layer pedestal. This place is also my "receiving" area...it is where I initially put my new acquisitions or new members until they are potted and positioned in the garden.

At the back of the "Receiving Area" is my nursery area. This is where I experiment on cuttings, where I sow seeds and where I keep my water tank...water is collected from the gutter of the building when it rains! Talk about water conservation. haha! So today, even if my Garden is in the old space, even if I have to walk 50 meters from the store entrance before I get to my Garden, even if I have to open padlocks just to see my Garden and even if my Garden is not Victorian....I am confident enough to call it a Garden....complete with pots, sunlight, fertilizers, shovel, broom, water hose and a gardener who personally takes care of the plants!

Plumeria Area...I love Plumerias! Can't wait for them to bloom.

Here are some other photos of my New Garden. And luckily, today, it IS Friday! Therefore, I can post blooming plants and link with Tootsie's Fertilizer Friday and Tina's Weekend Flowers! Yehey!

My Orange Pagoda Hibiscus

My newly acquired Philippine Fire Tree Seedling.

Twin blooms of my pink Rose

This is the only surviving volunteer plant of the new garden before July 2011. I saved it and planted it along with my cannas at the right corner of the raised bed.

My White bouquet plant's FIRST bloom!

My Dwarf white Bauhinia is also in bloom today! Most of my white flowers are in bloom today. Some of my white rain lilies are also in bloom at the village house. :)

I hope you enjoyed the Brief History of Kingdom's Garden. Thanks for dropping by and have a very Happy Weekend ahead! Be happy!

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Leckeres für Mensch und Katze - Goodies for a pleasant life said...

Thanks for this lovely Weekend Flowers. I really love the last shot :)

ANGEL said...

james, james! i'm so proud of you! you're garden is slowly taking shape na :) and i love it.

i love love your roses (syempre, rose person ako) and your golden garland.

haaay..when will i have time to visit MSBF and centris.
i envy you na tuloy.

keep up the good work!

i really like your garden, with padlock pa ha, parang secret garden lang :)

happy gardening my friend!

Sunray Gardens said...

Some beautiful blooms. Lots here that I can only see in others photos. And I have to say that Pagoda Hibiscus is lovely.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Kim, USA said...

Wow I love how you transform the empty space to a beautiful little paradise of flowers. The pagoda hibiscus is so beautiful my first time to see these kind. Thanks for sharing and happy weekend!

Pink or Peach

Cheryl said...

From so little comes such abundance. Thank you for sharing this journey and the flowers that are blooming.

Kingdom said...

Hi Tina! Thanks! and thank you also for hosting. :)

Kingdom said...

Hey Angel...thanks!...you sound like my mother! The golden garland shot was taken from the mini-pond area in our village house. I'll post next time where it is now in the new garden. :) Don't envy me....or I'll envy you. hahaha! Happy gardening too.

Kingdom said...

Hello Cher! Thank very much! :)

Kingdom said...

Hi Kim! Thanks...the pagoda hibiscus was a surprise since the seller told me that it is a normal orange-flowered hibiscus, when it first bloomed a month ago...it was a surprise to see a pagoda hibiscus for the first time! Thanks for dropping by and have a wonderful week ahead! :)

Kingdom said...

Thanks Cheryl! Happy weekend! :)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I loved the way I could put the "mouse" over the photo and watch it transform into beauty! FUN! I can see how very hard you have worked! It shows and is beautiful!

Kingdom said...

Thanks Mona! That is very heart-warming. :) And oh...I forgot the "pointer"...hahaha! Take care!

Solitude Rising said...

Congratulations on your new garden. Your plants are looking good. I'd say its worth all the pains and struggles of getting your own private garden now, not having to share with your brother anymore.

Are the stone blocks you used as platforms what you call the "pan de unan"? If so how much did it cost for a piece?

Kingdom said...

Hi Solitude Rising! Thanks for the inspiring words. The thought of siblings unable to share a garden still bothers me though. :) yes, they're the pan de unan...they cost me 200 per block...free delivery!:D

Solitude Rising said...

Hi Kingdom. Thanks for answering my inquiries. I have been looking for blocks that look like that last February but could not find one in our province. I'm pretty sure they wont deliver those to our place for free considering the distance... LOL

Kingdom said...

You're welcome Solitude! I hope one day someone will make those stone blocks available in your place...because they really are nice and awesome in the garden. hehe! :)

Tina´s PicStory said...

I have changed my blogname. If you have any actuell links to me please change them because all the old links are not working now. Thank you so much for your help :)

Kingdom said...

Hello Tina! Oks...I'll try my best to change the links. :)

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