"Nice memories have their own scent. Whenever you are veiled in its scent...your heart can always return to that unforgettable past...together with your own scenery that will never fade away." - Kyoichi Kanzaki

Sunday, August 24, 2008


This weekend, I had the chance to come home in our province even just for four days and four nights. My personal computer had to undergo an extreme make-over such as reformatting and re-installation of significant programs. Just for once, I got benefited from the holiday economics policy of the government (though I strongly oppose it for social and cultural reasons). While going through the internet, I suddenly thought of the games and/or trends that we used to have during High School. Magic Eye instantly gave me something to blog about.

Magic Eye games are stereograms, or sometimes called as autostereograms. It's an exercise for the eyes since we will have to cross our eye vision to reveal a 3-D figure within the given abstract Magic Eye image. The Magic Eye was a big hit during those days, when their books are highly visible in a leading bookstore (my brother and I usually hang-out in the said bookstore during weekends....nerds). We never bothered to buy Magic Eye books. Aside from its high cost, we usually figured out the hidden images while "secretly" browsing through their pages. Fortunately, we have "secretly" mastered the technique in revealing Magic Eye images.

Searching through the internet, I got some Magic Eye images that I would like to share.

Now given this simple technology(I suppose it IS an applied science), utilizing this in developing products and services aside from just publishing and laying the images out on book pages is interesting. I would like to see our modern artists using stereograms in their paintings and/or artworks. And then, have them display these works in our museum after 50 years for the future Filipinos to see....though with their eyes crossed. Hmmm....I wonder if hiding "O*st Gl**a!" in stereograms is a seditious act.


joyfulchicken said...

I can't see the images, but now my eyes are permanently crossed. Thanks a lot.

Kingdom said...

That's great! at least you got something from the experience. ;)

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